Car Club & Car Sharing

Kings Barton Car Club

Car Clubs play an important role in future sustainable transport where in England each Car Club vehicle displaces 9 private cars. Car Clubs allow you to book a dedicated vehicle, drive it to the destination you require and then return it back to the same parking space. Car Club vehicles are available 24/7, 365 days of the year and you only pay for the time and distance travelled!

You can book your car online, via the app or over the phone and access a car for just 30 minutes or up to days at a time. Membership for Car Clubs include insurance, cleaning and servicing! When you return the vehicle you need to make sure there is a minimum of a quarter tank remaining at the end of your booking.

Membership to your Car Club also allows you access to all other Car Clubs operated by Co-Wheels across the UK, not just your dedicated Car Club.

Kings Barton Car Club

As part of Kings Barton, a Car Club vehicle has been provided and is available to all residents! CALA Homes will provide 3 years free membership to Co-Wheels and you will also receive £25 worth of drivers credit towards your journeys using the promotion code ‘WINCHESTER25’. For information on the cost of a journey then please visit their website. Your Car Club vehicle is now available and is located on Morse Road. Take a look at the other Car Club locations across the UK as well as further information on how the Car Club works here

Car Sharing

Around 2.5 million people share their commutes to work every year in the UK. This removes 1.25 million cars from roads and saves around 1.25 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Car sharing is a great way to reduce the amount of solo car trips on our roads not only for work trips but for all trips. Other benefits include:

  • Reduce the need for parking
  • Meet new people in your community
  • Save on average £1,000 per year
  • Reduce the stress of driving

For more information on how to sign up please visit: